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4 tips for using a kids face mask and keeping it on them!

Whilst laws and requirements for face masks and children vary by state and by country there are some general guidelines and principles that can help you and your family adjust to a life with face masks. Much of it is common to the advice for adults, our top tips for using a kids face mask are:

The fit remains the most important element

As for adults, the fit of kids face masks remain the key feature for any kids face mask. Choose a brand and mask that offers different sizes for children of all ages. Follow expert advice on from what age to introduce a mask to your child as masks for the very young are not encouraged. Please note that official guidelines at this time are for kids under 2 years old to NOT wear a mask.

Comfort is critical for children

If a child is not happy with the fit and comfort of the mask, they are simply more likely to take it off. And when they’re wearing it, they’re more likely to touch their face, adjust the mask, and feel irritated and frustrated. Green Shield’s masks are specially designed to fit well and to be soft and comfortable for kids.

Introduce the lighter side of masks

You will know that children are amazingly adaptable and take so much in their stride. Bring the lighter side of face masks to life with them. They don’t need to have a mask with no style or personality – they can wear their favourite colour, wear masks with fun characters, and most of all can feel more free to get out and have fun in this challenging time we live in.

Have a number of masks ready for the household

As parents ourselves, we know having one of anything usually doesn’t work! One sun hat, one pair of summer shoes, they just are never where you need them to be! We suggest having a selection at home, in the car, in the school bag, so that you are not caught out and end up buying incorrectly fitting or lower quality masks from impulse sellers. Like a lot of our world currently, it requires a little more planning, so plan ahead and stock up!

Green Shield offers a growing range of face masks perfect for kids of all ages. We are adding more and more colours each month and look out for our exciting character ranges launching soon



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