Face masks freedom givers or takers?

We live in challenging and uncertain times, and at Green Shield we are doing our very best to help families across the US by providing high quality and super comfortable face masks for all.

None of us dreamt of this happening even 12 months ago, but for now at least, covering your face for the protection of yourself and others is becoming the norm in public.

It’s a challenging topic, but we believe masks can bring you freedom to live your best life. Where it is safe and advised to do so, get out there, put on a mask and enjoy this wonderful world we live in.

Go explore, wander those paths that you always wondered where they went. Visit those local towns that you haven’t visited in years, or try something new like visiting a new shop: wearing face masks can give you much more freedom to do all of these.

If it is advisable in your location to visit your friends and family, wearing a mask protects both yourself and them.

While lockdowns are lockdowns, if you are in a location which is not locked down, face masks can open doors in this current challenging situation.

We hope you can enjoy with us #freedommask – get out there and share your moments of freedom, there is a lighter side to masks and we hope to bring this to you on our social media feeds @

Most of all, live your freedom in comfort, that’s what we are here for, and we hope we can help. Feel free to view our full range here https://g-shield.net/shop/ 

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