Reusable masks whilst shopping

Reusable masks, should I wear one?

If you are a wondering whether you should wear reusable masks, the answer seems clear at this point: yes you should! There are many advantages in wearing a reusable mask over a disposable mask. While both can offer a level of protection and freedom for the wearer, the benefits of a reusable mask include:


Reusable masks are much more likely to be made of a soft, comfortable material. In the case of Green Shield, for example, the inner layer, which actually comes into contact with your skin, is made of a soft cotton blend. If you’ll be wearing a mask around during your daily routine, we think you’ll simply feel better with soft cotton against your skin vs. some stiff, rough material.


While a disposable mask can be relatively cheap to purchase in bulk, throwing one away after each use is really not offering you long term value.

Helping the planet

Already you will be noticing discarded single use masks on the streets, and the problem is getting worse.

Your choice of color and size

The mask is becoming this year’s statement as you choose your style, your color, your brand. A disposable mask offers very little choice in colour, fit or style. With a reusable mask you’re much more likely to find a size and color that fits you as an individual.

Reusable masks are made from quality materials

Green Shield masks are built to be both protective and comfortable, with bamboo outer layer, meltblown fabric center layer, and soft cotton inner layer. And all Green Shield masks come with a 30 day money back guarantee if not completely happy. While wearing a mask may be something not many of us had done before 2020, we may as well use a mask made of high quality materials: protective while kind to the skin and soft to the touch.

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